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Become A Boardwalk Student Ambassador


Are you passionate about savoring the nostalgic flavors of the Boardwalk, and do you want to share that passion with the world? Whether you're a loyal fan or eager to embark on a mouthwatering journey, we want YOU to join us as Boardwalk Ambassadors! We're on the lookout for creative individuals who share our love for legendary fries, hand-made burgers, and delicious shakes. Be a part of our squad and let's explore the exciting possibilities of a partnership with someone as enthusiastic about tasty treats as you are! Ready to dive into the Boardwalk experience? Join us and let's make memories.

Boardwalk Student Ambassador Program Benefits

Exclusive Perks

Students will receive a Boardwalk Kit with branded T-shirts, Caps, and a card to represent themselves as Student Ambassadors within the school community—the first ones to hear about upcoming promotions and plan out their marketing strategy.

University Connections

The chance to actively engage with university clubs and societies fosters partnerships, expanding reach and impact within the student community.

Social Media Spotlight

Ambassadors will be featured on our social media. They'll share ongoing Boardwalk deals and identify sponsorship opportunities for our events—a chance to be on a happening social media profile on TikTok and Instagram.

Certificate of Recognition

Every student ambassador at the end of their tenure of their school year will receive a certificate of recognition from Boardwalk Corporate to applaud their participation after an evaluation of their performance.

Role of Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors will be required to hit monthly goals mentioned as follows: 



Drive digital loyalty card sign-ups for your designated location.

Help your assigned location boost sign-ups for the digital loyalty card! Every $50 sign-up unlocks you for a boardwalk gift card. Get in touch to learn more.


Post and share Boardwalk Burgers.

Current promotions/offers within the school groups/stories/community pages.


Community / School Events Participation.

Inform us regarding possible collaboration opportunities within local events within the institution.


Large Orders on Commission.

Find opportunities for Large form catering orders or arrange events at the local Boardwalk location, and get 5% in commission worth of In-store credit for Food.



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